Photo: ©Beverly Joubert, Rhinos Without Borders

Lee-Anne Davis left a budding acting and modeling career in Hollywood, and has chosen a more simple life; living and working as a ranger and rhino activist in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. On her breaks from ranger duties, she travels through some of the continents’ most pristine and well-preserved wilderness areas. 

“I have always been a “bush-baby”. Since I can remember, I loved all things outdoors. I wanted to breath in the fresh air, I wanted to play in the rain, I wanted to get dirty in the mud. I wanted to live outside. I love animals and birds, and I wanted to feel closer to them. I got my first tent at ten years old. This tent was my freedom. I would pitch my tent in our backyard and spend days and nights outside making camp. Building fires, creating a kraal out of bamboo for additional shelter from “the wild animals”, I would even have bucket baths in the garden much to my parents amusement.”

“Traveling allows me the chance to get up close with nature, bringing me closer to my goal of making changes for conservation. I am most connected to the land when I sit around a campfire and hear the lions and hyenas calling around me. Front Runner has given me the opportunity to play out my childhood fantasies of sleeping comfortably underneath Africa’s night sky.”

Today, Lee-Anne operates "Our HORNS are not medicine!" to draw public awareness, care for Rhinos and confront poaching activity.  Huck magazine published an extensive article covering her efforts in March of 2016. That article is available online here.